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Why leave chemistry for IT ?

Not many positions in chemistry, nothing in my research field in Brittany
+ A strong interest for IT and networking
+ A lot of work in this field, including in Brittany
= reconversion

So why the positions in Ireland and Catalonia ?

France told me "you don't have the required degree for this position",
Other Europeann countries say "we're interested in you skills and experience"

What's the link between research, IT, DIY, ... ?

Finding solutions, being ingenious, doing what I like

What about training in all this ?

The team-leader position in Barcelona was not very technical. Back in Brittany in 2010, I was looking for a course in Rennes or Nantes to bring myself up-to-date.
Daniel Brégeon, director of IMIE in Nantes told me "We'd like to do what our competitors don't: that's teaching in English
We propose that you follow a course to prepare yourself, then we recruit you as a trainer and you teach in English. What do you think ?"
I never thought about becoming a trainer in IT. Thanks you Daniel for giving me this opportunity.