This plateform features courses in English with many words translated in French, in order to help French speakers gain a better command of technical English. Indeed, this is essential to pursue a carrer in IT and many recruiters search for candidates with a decent command of the English language. A few hours of English teaching per week is not enough: what is important is to use English as much as possible.


Companies are looking for technicians with hands-on experience, so practice is essential. However, without knowledge, one cannot evolve and will find troubleshooting difficult.

My objective is to bring both knowledge and practical experience, so that students possess both the theory and the know-how for the various skills required by their future positions.


Courses are split in sections so that students can easily retrieve information. Sections are logically organised in increasing level of difficulty. Depending on the courses, 'advanced' topics are available so that students who are most at ease can go further.

Each important section ends with a small quiz. A longer evaluation (quiz or practical work) is done at the end of the course


Students must feel at ease, so the atmosphere is relaxed. As a trainer, I listen to the students as much as they listen to me. Lecturing is out of question.

I stimulate students with questions, I encourage participation and mutual help. Everyone must feel comfortable to say "I did not understand this". Practical work is done in teams: students learn to organise, plan and distribute tasks.

Schools, companies: if you would like to evaluate what a course looks like, please request temporary access via the contact form.